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As of May 2015


Our various cemeteries have various sized lots which contain from 2 to 6 plots. It is possible to procure a single plot in a lot i.e. 1 out of 5 plots in a lot. The average size of a plot is four (4) feet by eight (8) feet. Please see our Cemetery Ordinance for information about how our cemeteries are managed. The price of a plot in any of our cemeteries is for Raymond residents $400 and for non-residents $1,000. For more information, please call the Town Clerk’s Office 207-655-4742 ext. 121 or email the Town Clerk at sue.look@raymondmaine.org.




All of our cemeteries are very old except the Dailey Annex and there is no way of knowing whether they can be used until they are probed for depth. The Raymond Village Cemetery, North Raymond Cemetery and the Riverside Cemetery don’t have many depth problems, but the Raymond Hill Cemetery has quite a bit of ledge under it. Because of this we can’t guarantee that all lots are usable. This is established at the time of purchase.


The number of available lots for sale doesn’t guarantee 5 or 6 plots. Some of them have had plots sold from them and others aren’t large enough to accommodate 5 or 6 plots. The number of plots per lot will be established at the time of purchase.


Diagrams of the cemeteries are available at the Town Clerk’s Office.


Dailey Annex of North Raymond Cemetery, North Raymond Road


Hasty Cemetery, Cape Road

All lots are taken.


Mountain Road Cemetery, Mountain Road

All lots are taken.


North Raymond Cemetery, North Raymond Road

There are 180 lots and currently 37 lots are available for purchase.


Raymond Hill Cemetery, Raymond Hill Road

There are 99 lots and currently 12 lots are available for purchase.


Raymond Village Cemetery, Mill Street

There are 365 lots and currently 43 lots are available for purchase.


Riverside Cemetery, Plains Road

There are 320 lots and currently 50 lots are available for purchase.

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July 21, 2016

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