You can write to the PPA at:

      Panther Pond Association
      PO Box 68
      Raymond, ME   04071

or by email to:


If you would like to join PPA, memberships* begin at $20 (or any greater amount that you would like to contribute.) Send a check to the address above, and tell us your preferred mailing address, email address (optional) and what your connection to Panther Pond is (just because we'd like to hear.) Or request a copy of the annual membership letter. Thank you.


For a printable membership form, please CLICK HERE.

(Not an online form; please print out and mail with your check.)


As of 2011, PPA is a 501c3 corporation, making contributions eligible for tax deduction; please consult your tax advisor for details.


* One membership per property/household. Members who own property on Panther Pond, or have a legal right-of-way to the lake, may vote at meetings and hold office in the Association. Associate members may attend PPA functions and receive communications from PPA, but are not eligible to vote or hold office.