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2013 PPA Annual Meeting & Picnic

July 6, 2013


The Annual Meeting & Picnic was held July 6, 2013 @ Slovenski Camps @ 10:00 a.m.  Peggy opened the meeting attended by approximately 60 people.



In accordance with PPA bylaws, the officers met this spring and appointed Jean Miller to fill the secretary position as Debbie Boothby is stepping down.  Debbie’s hard work has been greatly appreciated.


Secretary’s Report:  - Jean Miller

Moved and seconded to adopt the Secretary’s Report of 2012

Voted:  All in favor


Treasurer’s Report - Marie Connolly

Moved and seconded to adopt the Treasurer’s Report

Voted:  All in favor



Buffer Brochure - 500 copies of the Buffer Brochure have been printed, and 300 have been distributed with the annual letter to Panther Pond Property owners.  The brochure highlights how to minimize sediment, phosphate and nitrate run-off.


Low-cost erosion control mulch and native plants- are available to all property owners on Panther Pond.  PPA is working with RWPA to provide homeowners with the materials to create buffers that will reduce soil erosion and to reduce the introduction of phosphorus into the water.  PPA also has a small fund for matching mini-grants if needed.  Information is on the website and Peggy is the contact person.



PPippers - This group of 26 volunteers held an organizational meeting on June 30.  The lake has been divided into sectors and volunteers have been assigned an area to monitor for invasive plants.   Bunny and Sibyl also set up their “Look and Learn” table to aid plant identification.


New Color Depth Map - Neil Jensen presented his new color depth map of Panther Pond.  Members were provided with this 11” x 17” map suitable for framing.  Members who could not make the meeting can pick up a copy of the map by appointment.  Email ppa@raymondmaine.org to make arrangements.  The map is available to nonmembers for $15 (pick-up only). An overlay of depth contours is available as a ..KMZ file for Google Earth and other GIS software, at no charge. Anyone can contact PPA for more information.


Water Quality -Phil Boissonneault gave a detailed report on the water quality and water level of Panther Pond. 



Dissolved oxygen levels and water clarity measurements have not as yet shown significant change over the years, meaning Panther Pond still maintains a higher than  average water quality for lakes in Maine.  However, Phil warns, if water temperatures get too warm, dissolved oxygen levels decrease.   If the dissolved oxygen level of the bottom water layer goes below .5 ppm, this can trigger the release of phosphorus from bottom sediments which would increase the rate of lake eutrophication.  It is therefore important to continue to minimize the amount of phosphorus entering the lake.


Through Phil, PPA works with IF&W to maintain an optimum water level for Panther Pond.  The gauge, located at the dam on Mill St, is monitored and a level of 280.5 feet plus or minus 1 foot is maintained throughout the year. Anyone with questions or comments about the water level should address them to Phil, and he will contact IF&W.


Courtesy Boat Inspectors-  This summer, PPA has agreed to increase its funding for inspectors on weekends throughout the summer to check boats for millfoil at the Mill St. access area.  RWPA will manage the program and PPA will help fund the program. 


Loon nest platform - Since 5 loons were hatched last summer on Panther Pond, it appears that loon nest platforms are not currently needed.  If the need arises, the platforms can be built. 


Hazard Markers Update - Four markers have been placed on the lake, indicating hazards that are more than 200 feet from shore.


Technology Update - The PPA website contains a great deal of information.  Members are encouraged to use it as a valuable resource.  PPA is also on Facebook, members are encouraged to share lake information and pictures.


Gloeotrichia in Panther Pond - Dr. Holly Ewing from Bates College continues to conduct research on “Gloeo” in several lakes in New England, including Panther Pond.  Gloeo is a cyanobacterium, that looks like a fuzzy lime green ball to the naked eye.  It is 1-2 mm and floats in the water.  It appears to proliferate in low nutrient lakes which is unusual for cyanobacteria.  Dr. Ewing’s is investigating the plants role in nitrogen and phosphorus cycling, conditions that support growth and the impact it has on a lake ecosystem.  From analysis of mud sediments she has found that gloeo has been present in Panther Pond for over a century, but levels are currently increasing. It appears that the presence of gloeo may accelerate the rate of lake eutrophication.  Her grant expires in August 2013, but data analysis will continue after that date.


Membership -PPA is seeking a few members who would be willing to work on increasing membership since the larger our membership, the stronger our organization.   This might entail speaking with associations around the lake and/or speaking with property owners whose membership has lapsed.  If interested please contact Peggy.



Boat Launch and Boat Launch Ordinance-  A parcel of land on the north end of Panther Pond has been placed up for sale and the state has made a bid on it.  It appears that the intent of the state is to place a public boat launch on the site.  At the time of this meeting, it is not known if the bid has been accepted.  Raymond currently has very little in the way of boat launch ordinances.  Members of the PPA and RWPA boards are attempting to put together an ordinance that could be in place before any transaction takes place.  Regulations that include no parking on the road, closing the boat launch after dark, limiting the number of parking spaces are some of the proposed ordinances.

PPA will send out an email prior to the next public meeting so that as many property owners as possible can be present at the meeting to support the proposed ordinances and express concerns about any proposed boat launch. 


RWPA-  Ben Severn, president of RWPA, spoke about the importance of supporting both RWPA and PPA.  The organizations support each other.  For example, PPA, provides funds for the courtesy boat inspectors, but RWPA manages the program.  He asked that each PPA member consider membership in RWPA.  Membership information is on the RWPA website.  The RWPA annual meeting is Saturday, August 3.


History of Panther Pond-  Debbie Booth is seeking photos and stories of the history of Panther Pond.  Contact Debbie if you can be of help.


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