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Things You Can Do to Protect the Lake

  • Join PPA and RWPA. Your membership dues go to worthwhile conservation and remediation projects. Attend the association meetings, read the mailings, and - of course - check back from time to time for updates to this website. We're working to keep you informed of developments in lake consservation.

  • Volunteer to help with conservation projects. Of course we'd like you to become a member, but you don't have to join the associations to participate in conservation projects. And you don't have to be a member to attend the annual meetings - come on along, meet your neighbors, and hear what we're about. With the expiration of the "319" grants, we expect there will be fewer projects around Panther Pond; but there may still be opportunities to work around the lake, and on other Raymond lakes. Ask to be put on the list for volunteer calls.

  • Learn to identify suspicious plants and be alert for invasives wherever you go. As you can see from this map, there is a continuing need for certified invasive plant patrollers.

  • Check your boat whenever you put in or take out, and remove any plant fragments. Remember, it only takes a tiny bit of weed to infest an entire lake. If you meet one of the courtesy inspectors at the boat ramp, please cooperate with an inspection. They're trained to help you learn what to look for, so take advantage of the opportunity.

  • Keep your septic system in good condition. Have it pumped out and inspected regularly, and consider replacing it if it's not functioning correctly. Raw sewage and phosphorus from soaps and detergents that seep into the lake can cause algae blooms (See "Phosphorus" in the "Threats" section.)

  • Keep the soap in the bathroom, not on the dock. (You can read more about that under "Phosphorus".)

  • Watch for any places where stormwater may run directly into the lake. And try to avoid having lawns that run directly down to the lake. Don't wash your cars, boats, pets, etc. where the runoff can get into the lake. For free advice on how to deal with erosion and runoff problems, you can contact RWPA, PPA, or Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District (see the links section on PPA's home page); there are local people who will be glad to consult about your house and lot.

  • If you must use fertilizer on your lawn or garden, be sure to use phosphorus-free fertilizer. By law, stores near lakes in Maine must sell 0-phosphorus fertilizer. You most likely don't need the phosphorus anyway, so don't put your lake at risk by using it.

  • For do-it-yourselfers, there are plans and advice available for your erosion-control projects, and we can suggest places to get the necessary materials. See here.

  • Familiarize yourself with Maine boating regulations and observe the Water Safety Zone, for everyone's protection. Remind your visitors to boat responsibly.

  • Don't buy more boat than you need.

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