You’re Invited to Join Girl Scouts!

Girl Scouts make new friends, try new things, and constantly go on new adventures. When you’re with us, doing your best is always good enough and there are no wrong answers or ideas. Your dreams are our dreams, and we have fun making them come true together as we make the world a better place. Girls can become Girl Scouts at any point starting in kindergarten and going through high school. Discover more about the Girl Scout program and opportunities in your community at or by contacting us at or 888-922-4763


You can make a difference. Volunteer with Girl Scouts.

Your talents and experience have the power to change girls’ lives. As girls learn, grow, and lead, Girl Scout Volunteers are there through it all—shaping the future right along with them. And while you teach them important life lessons and set them up for happy, successful lives, you’ll grow too—honing your own leadership and organizational skills. It's a win-win. Get started at