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Raymond offers many alternatives for recreation, exercise, and athletic competition. Raymond Recreation, a non-profit volunteer group, provides a excellent program for school age children. Babe Ruth baseball is provided by the Sebago Long Lake League. Many other clubs and facilities are available for residents of the town. Please choose from the menu on the left for further information.

For GIS information about various trail systems and places to play in Raymond, see HERE.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

~ Arthur C. Clarke

Mission Statement

The promotion of democracy and community through understanding, knowledge and equity based on complete, accurate, accessible and timely information delivered by a variety of well-managed and cost-effective technology solutions.


About Us

The Technology Committee comprises an informal group of volunteers presently anchored by Select Board representative Lonnie Taylor and the town's contract Network Administrator. 

Based upon the decisions, priorities and needs of the deciders, we are involved in supporting just about any town technology-related efforts, among them this very website.  (See our report in the latest Town of Raymond Annual Report for a comprehensive list.) 

Much of the group's interaction--especially troubleshooting--occurs electronically due to our incompatible real-life schedules; but when we do get together, it is in the equipment end of the   Broadcast Studio   on the third Thursday evening of the month, beginning around 6:30pm. We talk about our various projects' progress, share any tech or town buzz, and wrap up after we've compared notes about our favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy authors, shows, and video games. 



Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings; just check "This Week at a Glance" or the web calendar to make sure it's happening. Everyone is also welcome to contact us, ask us questions, or even to take a guided tour of the facilities. Send an e-mail note to committee chair Laurie Forbes and use the secret word: electrons.

Committee Members:

Laurie Forbes, Chair
Shaun Dudley
Tom Golebiewski
John Hanley
Elisa Trepanier
Kevin Woodbrey
Lonnie Taylor, Select Board Representative (2017)


Committee Members

The Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee (CPIC) has finished its
review and recommendations from the Comprehensive Plan approved at Town Meeting in 2004. CPIC brought many items to Town Meetings over the past few years that were recommended by the Comp Plan.

Some items were approved, some were not; but they were discussed by townspeople. In the end many strong changes from the Comp Plan were adopted. At the February 2010 Selectboard meeting, CPIC chair Chris McClellan gave the board a final report and asked that the committee be disbanded. The board accepted the final report unanimously and disbanded CPIC, with thanks for their six years of hard work.

Cemetery Committee Members

  • Linda Alexander, Chair: 655-4640
  • Dick Sanborn: 998-4270
  • Elaine Walston: 655-7892
  • Tacy Hartley: 655-2447
  • Wayne Gelston: 998-5568
  • Dale Woodman
  • 1 vacancy
  • Lonnie Taylor, Selectmen Represetative (2017)


The Cemetery Committee conducts their meetings on the fourth Thursday of the month, March through November, at the Broadcast Studio, starting at 7:00pm. Check the Public Events Calendar to confirm meetings.

 NEW!    Find a Grave http://www.findagrave.com
Search the world, add/edit records, join discussions and more!

Current Cemetery Inventory and Information about plots.


Town Cemeteries

Hasty Cape Road
Mountain Road Cemetery Mountain Road

North Raymond Cemetery

  - and Dailey Annex

North Raymond Road
Raymond Hill Cemetery Raymond Hill Road
Raymond Village Cemetery Mill Street
Riverside Cemetery Plains Road











Private Cemeteries

Lakin Near Windham/Raymond town line
Lombard Cape Road
Longley/Staples Cemetery P  lains Road
Mains Cemetery  Cape Road
Tenny Hill Tenny Hill Road
Thurlow No. Raymond Rd towards Poland
Welch Cape Road










Any questions call the Town Clerk Sue Look at the Town Office 207-655-4742x121 or
Chair Linda Alexander 207-655-4640


Committee Members

  • Sharon Dodson
  • Elissa Gifford
  • Fran Gagne
  • Shirley Bloom
  • Mitzi Burby
  • Jan Miller
  • Elaine Keith
  • Mary McIntyre
  • Christine McClellan
  • Teresa Sadak, Board of Selectman representative (2019)



To maintain and enhance the sense of community pride and visual appearance of the Town of Raymond through the use of gardens, landscaping and seasonal decorations.  This will be a community partnership, which includes volunteerism, town resources and the business community.


The Raymond Beautification Committee will develop and promote initiatives that identify and address the town’s beautification.  The Committee will provide input into policy making and serve as a liaison between townspeople and involved town boards/committees advocating for desirable improvements and maintenance.

For more information, "like" us on Facebook!

Volunteer Opprotunities






Board Members

  • Lawrence Murch, Chair 2016
  • Joanne Stinson, Vice Chair 2017
  • Elden Lingwood, 2018
  • Steven Warshaw, 2018
  • Position Vacant
  • Vacant- Alternate

The Appeals Board meets, as needed, the last Monday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Broadcast Studio. Site inspections are conducted on the Saturday of the week prior to the meeting. 



Raymond Needs You!

The ZBA hears appeals from Raymond's Land Use and Shoreland Ordinances. To volunteer on this board you must be at least 18 years of age, reside in Raymond, and be available the last Monday evening of the month. Meetings typically last about an hour and only meet on an as-needed basis. No experience is necessary, just an interest in the well being of the community.


Code Enforcement Officer
Scott Dvorak, CEO - (207) 655-4742 ext. 161


Administrative Assistant

Mary Quirk - (207) 655-4742 ext. 161


For building permits and associated forms, go here.

Board Members


Board Members

  • Bruce Sanford, Chair - 2017 (222 Mountain Road)
  • Greg Foster, Vice Chair - 2017 (29 Ledge Hill Road)
  • Sheila Bourque2018 (63 Hancock Road)
  • Kye Bancroft - 2018 (PO Box 896)
  • Particia Beaton - 2019 (234 Raymond Hill RD)
  • Danielle Stumper - (478 Cape RD)


Meetings are held at 7:00 pm the second Wednesday of the month (public invited) at the Raymond Broadcast Studio.





Planning Department Staff
Contract Planner
Sebago Technics is providing contract services to Raymond with Jim Seymour as the primary planner and Owens McCullough as the alternate. Jim will hold regular office hours from 1:00p-4:00p on Thursdays and is available by appointment. To schedule an appointment, request an application or for more information contact Mary Quirk. You can also send any questions that you may have HERE and they will be addressed as soon as possible.


For building permits and associated forms and applications, go here.

Committee Members



Budget Meetings


Beginning in November each year the Selectmen and Budget/Finance Committee plan what the Town will need in order to provide the services which Raymond residents expect. These groups will provide an opportunity for the Town to voice its opinion following the submission of their budgets with announced public hearings in February.

All preliminary meetings are open to the public, and the public is encouraged to attend.

Selectmen, Assessors, and Overseer of Poor



Selectmen Email Addresses


Selectmen Meetings


Selectmen Meetings are to be found on the Public Events Calendar. The Selectboard meets on Tuesdays at 6:30pm at the Broadcast Studio on Webbs Mills Road.


To request to have an item considered at a Selectmen's Meeting click HERE.











                                    Raymond Fire Department

         1443 Roosevelt Trail
          Raymond, ME 04071
          (207) 655-1187 - During Business Hours


Historical Pictures



Fire Chief: Bruce Tupper - FF/AEMT

EMS Deputy Chief: Cathy Gosselin - Paramedic


Inspections:  Lt. David Mains - FF/EMT


Safety Officer:  Capt. Cliff Small - FF/EMT


District 1 

Captain George Tanguay - FF

Lieutenant Andrew Jordan - FF/AEMT

Lieutenant David Mains - FF/EMT

Lieutenant Bob Gosselin - Fire Police



District 2

Lieutenant Mike Hughes - FF

Lieutenant Scott Mildrum - FF/EMT


Gillian Thomas - FF/Paramedic

Bob Orr - FF/Paramedic

Brian Pond - FF/Paramedic

Eric Weeks - FF/Paramedic

Peter Holmquist - FF/Paramedic

Charissa Kerr - FF/AEMT

Doug Kerr - FF/EMT

John Facella - FF/EMT

Josh Simpson - FF/EMT

Keith Libby - FF/EMT

Colin Gordan - FF/EMT

Carol Jordan - EMT

Beth Clark - EMT

Taylor Duncanson - EMT

Chris Nassa - FF

Wayne Jones - FF

Justin Burby - FF

Bruce Draper - FF


Robert Fesko - Marine / Fire Police

Lindley Deering - Fire Police

David Lind - Fire Police / Driver

Kyle Bancroft - Driver


Fire Science Live-In Students

Mike Tedesco - FF/EMT

Brandon Cunningham - FF/EMT

Matt Cwikowski - FF/EMT

Brett Ellis - FF




Upcoming Events

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Animal Welfare






Inland Fisheries & Wildlife


Maine Forest Service


Property Tax Payments


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