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401 Webbs Mills Road, Raymond, Maine 04071 - Tel: 207-655-4742 Fax: 207-655-3024

Special Town Meeting

Town of Raymond

December 13, 2022



In the name of the State of Maine, you are hereby required to notify and warn the inhabitants of the Town of Raymond, qualified by law to vote in Town affairs, to meet at the Broadcast Studio at 423 Webbs Mills Road in said town on Tuesday, December 13, 2022, at 6:30 P.M., then and there to act on Articles 1 through 2 as set out below. 



ARTICLE 1: To elect a moderator to preside at said meeting.



ARTICLE 2:  Shall an ordinance entitled “An Ordinance to Renumber and Recaption the Zoning Ordinance and Shoreland Zoning Ordinance” be enacted?  (A copy of the full text of the Ordinance is available for review and inspection in the Town Clerk’s Office in a document entitled “Final Draft of the Land Use and Shoreland Zoning Ordinances of the Town of Raymond,” dated September, 2022, prepared by General Code, LLC).


Summary:  this Ordinance does the following:

  1. Renumbers the Land Use Ordinance and Shoreland Zoning Ordinance chapters and each of the sections and subsections;
  1. Updates internal references to reflect the new numbering system; and
  1. Making certain non-substantive changes to the text of the ordinances so that the style of the text is consistent in terms of grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization and citation of numbers and statutory references.

Select Board recommends Article 2

Planning Board recommends Article 2


DRAFT Updates to Land Use Ordinance and Shoreland Zoning Ordinance

Current Land Use Ordinance

Current Shoreland Zoning Ordinance



The Town of Raymond is seeking information on an incident at Crescent Beach Boat Launch involving trespassing on Town owned property and the illegal cutting of trees on the shoreline that violates State Law and the Town ordinance.   If anyone in the area saw anything suspicious or has a camera that may have caught this destructive act, please contact the Raymond Town Manager, Don Willard or the Public Works Director, Nathan White.&n

Volunteer Opportunity - Comprehensive Plan Committee

Shape the Future of Raymond

The Town of Raymond needs your help!  We are currently seeking volunteers for the Comprehensive Plan Committee.   The current Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2004 and it is time for a new plan.

A comprehensive plan sets forth a vision and goals for the town’s future.  It is a long-term guide that establishes direction on policies, ordinances, community growth, economic development, and an overall foundation for land use regulation within the town.    

Raymond has changed significantly since 2004 and topics such as health and hazard mitigation, housing, community resilience and sustainability are among many new areas of importance.  Having a wide range of voices is essential to the comprehensive planning process.   We need citizen volunteers in order to create a plan that fairly represents and benefits our entire community.


If you are interested in joining the Comprehensive Plan Committee, please fill out the Volunteer Application.   Applications can be emailed to .  They can also be dropped off in person or mailed to the Town Office at 401 Webbs Mills Rd, Raymond, ME 04071

2004 Comprehensive Plan