Sue Carr - Tax Collector

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Important Dates

April 1st

Properties are assessed

October 31st

First half taxes due

April 30th

Second half taxes due

July 1st to June 30th

Fiscal tax year


Liens filed


Foreclosures usually take place at this time


Link to FY 2021-2022 RealEstate Tax Bills

Link to FY 2021-2022 Personal Property Tax Bills

Link to past years bills (FY 20-21) Property Tax Bills

Link to (FY 19-20) Property Tax Bills


For your convenience, you are given the option of paying your taxes in two equal installments, keeping in mind any unpaid balance left on the first half would begin accruing interest on November 1st and any unpaid balance left on the second half would begin accruing interest on May 1st.


The first half of the tax billing covers the previous July 1st to December 31st. The second half of the tax billing covers January 1st to June 30th. We do not prorate taxes, that generally would be the responsibility of the closing company. The owner (as of April 1st) is responsible for the entire year’s taxes even though they are billed in two installments.


If a payment is made on delinquent taxes within the last 10 days of a notification deadline we ask that it be made by cash, money order or cashier’s check. All payments will be applied to the oldest balance first.


If a lien is filed for a balance left unpaid, it is filed against the owner as of April 1st and could be found on their credit report.


Once a lien goes to foreclosure, the town does own the property and may choose to sell the property through a public auction or keep and maintain it for municipal purposes.


If a balance is still owed on the current year’s taxes after June 30th, the assessed owner’s name would appear in the Town Report.


A payment arrangement may be made with the tax collector should the need arise, but would not stop interest from accruing and would not prevent the automatic lien/foreclosure process.


Mortgage companies are notified of delinquent taxes, which could affect escrow amounts.