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1949-1950, Ephraim Brown Jordan
29 April 1863-23 April 1950, Age 86

Ephraim B. Jordan was the son of Osmyn & Minerva (Staples) Jordan.  In 1880, Ephraim B. Jordan resided in Raymond.  In 1906, he was a farmer & resided in East Raymond.  Ephraim died in Raymond & is buried at Riverside Cemetery, Raymond.  Ephraim’s father, Osmyn Jordan, was earlier presented with the same Boston Post Cane.  The Jordans & the Knights are the only families in Raymond to have two generations awarded the cane.

1936?-1949, Luthur W. Thurlow
10 June 1858-7 Jan 1949, Age 90

Luther was born in Woodstock & was the son of Abram & Abigail (Elwell) Thurlow. Luther W. Thurlow married Etta I. Thurlow. In 1906, L.W. Thurlow & his family resided in Raymond. He died in Raymond, as the result of a shock.

1929-1935, Hosea Quimby Staples
8 Feb 1836-Oct 1935, Age 99

Hosea Quimby Staples was the son of Nathaniel & Esther (Mann) Staples.  He 1st married Annorilla Shaw (About 1835-20 Sept 1860, aged 25), daughter Ira Shaw.  He 2nd married Rachel Mayberry (19 March 1842-2 March 1935) d/o Capt. Oliver Alonzo S. & Betsey (Haskell) Mayberry.  In 1880, Hosea Q. Staples & his family resided in Lynn, Massachusetts.  H.Q. Staples died about 7 months after the death of his wife, Rachel.  He was brought to Casco for burial.

1920-1929, Osmyn Jordan
24 June 1834-31 July 1929, Age 95

Osmyn Jordan was the son of Andrew & Olive Jordan.  He married Minerva Staples (2 May 1838-8 May 1914), daughter of Nathaniel & Esther (Mann) Staples, 11 May 1859.  In 1880, “Osmyer” Jordan & his family resided in Raymond.  In 1906, Osmyn & Minerva (Staples) Jordan resided in East Raymond.  He was a farmer.  Two of Osmyn’s children, Ephraim B. & Albertena Jordan, were later presented with the same Boston Post Cane.   The Jordans & the Knights are the only families in Raymond to have two generations awarded the cane.

1909-1911, Hezekiah Lombard
6 April 1816-4 May 1911, Age 96

Hezekiah Lombard married Sarah Ann Fickett (About 1824-1899), daughter of Daniel & Hannah (Brown) Fickett, Sr.  In 1880, Hezekiah Lombard & his family resided in Casco. In 1906, he resided in South Casco. He was a farmer.  Hezekiah is buried at Murch Cemetery, South Casco.

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