Hello all,

I am almost done with the Town Office section, and this week would have waded into the Boards & Committees section, except for getting bogged down with a snafu that involves Firefox. I've talked with Kevin about this and he recommended a workaround of using Internet Explorer in the interim (until he figures out the problem).

The problem: I suddenly found Drupal wouldn't save the changes after copying and pasting from an RTF file into a page. I can open a page and type straight into it (and it saves perfectly) but with some of the large pages I'd rather not retype the whole thing!

I haven't used Internet Explorer in a long time, so opening it was a horrible experience (I've been spoiled by Firefox). I had IE6 which made the new website look terrible. So I immediately upgraded to IE7, which formats the page better, but it's SLOW to use and I don't like it.

Going forward for now, I will do as much of the work as possible in Firefox, and reserve using IE7 for when I have big cut-and-paste projects.

Have a good weekend! :-)