1. Create a role that will manage the section. Role creation is done at Administer > User management > Roles. Use the format "role admin" where role is an abbreviation of the section. For example, Panther Pond Association admin would be "ppa admin".
  2. Assign the permissions to the role that you just created. Permission assignment is done at Administer > User management > Permissions. Use the Permission Filters to select an existing section admin and the new admin so that you will not miss any required permissions.
  3. Add the role to CKEditor. Add the role to the Section Admin profile. This is done at Administer > Site configuration > CKEditor > edit > Basic setup.
  4. Add the role to Input formats. This is done at Administer > Site configuration > Input formats > edit > Basic setup. Currently there is only one format which is Full HTML but select the Section Admin format if it exists.
  5. Create an IMCE profile and assign to the new role. This is done at Administer > Site configuration > IMCE > Add new profile . Name the profile the same as the role name. Import the settings from another section admin profile and change the profile name and the directory path to the new role name. Then assign the profile to the user roll.
  6. Set up an Organic Group for the section. OG Group creations is done at Create Content > OG Group Setup. Use the full name or the groups accepted abbreviation. For example the Beautification Committee has no abbreviation so their OG Group name is Beautification Committee but the Crescent Lake Waterways Association has an accepted abbreviation of CLWA. Choose how membership requests will be made and approved to the group. Do not choose "Open". Decide and select whether this a public or private group.
  7. Create the Web File Manager directory for the OG Group created previously. This is done in Web File Manager. Use the OG Group name for the directory name. All section directorys should be at the root level and contain no spaces. Use an underscore instead of a space.
  8. Add the role to the WebFM directory you just created. This is done at Administer > Site configuration > Web File Manager > Settings for rolename admin role where rolename is the new role you created. Also add the same directory to the Settings for the groupname group where groupname is the name of the OG Group you just created.
  9. Create a page that will be the primary page for the new section. This is done at Create Content > Page.  Make sure to create a Menu link title and assign it to the correct Parent item. Also remember to select an alias or use the Automatic alias selection.
  10. Assign Section status to the menu item that you just created. This is performed at Administer > Site building > Menus > Primary Links . Scroll down to the appropriate menu item and check the Section box. This will create the new section.
  11. Select or create a user to assign to the Section admin role and OG Group admin position. User creation is done at Administer > User management > Users. The username should be "Firstname Lastname". If there is no user yet then use the role name temporarily which then can be rename later. A valid e-mail address is required. If you are setting up a temporary username then use temp@raymondmaine.org (or temp1,2 etc) for a temporary e-mail address. Select the Role, Group and Section that this user will be administering.