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Row Last Name First Name Information from Stone
4L Robinson Caroline Daughter of John & Betsey Robinson died November 21, 1837 age 6 yrs 10 months
4L Robinson Betsey Wife of John Robinson died September 14, 1881 age 71 yrs 11 months 24 days " Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"
4L Robinson John Died August 31, 1979 age 78 yrs 7 months 12 days "Peaceful in Life & calm in death"
5R Small Simeon Died May 30, 1861 age 43 yrs 21 days
5R Files Almira Wife of Edward Files died January 3, 1872 age 50
5R Small William K. Son of Simeon & Almira Small died Sept 9, 1844 age 3 yrs
5R Small Sarh E. B. Daughter of Simeon & Almira Small died September 9, 1844 age 13 months
5R Small Augustus W. Son of Simeon & Almira Small died September 7, 1853 age 4 yrs 5 months
5R Small George G. Son of Simeon & Almira Small died October 10, 1860 age 18 months
5R Winslow S Lizze 2nd wife of Josiah Winslow died September 9, 1867 age 21 yrs 9 months
5R Small Francis Died April 10, 1876 age 3 yrs 8 months 6 days
5L Robinson Jonas E. Son of W. L. & C. B. Robinson 1895-1927
5L Robinson William L. December 29, 1860 -February 27, 1905
5L Edwards Cora B. Wife of William L Robinson September 7, 1863-April 1, 1939
5L Robinson Wilda E "Mother" Wife of Freeland Robinson September 28, 1839 - June 28, 1864
6L Brown Louisa Wife of John N Brown died February 20, 1855 age 27 yrs
6R Strout Thankful 2nd wife of Alexander Strout died December 22, 1866 age 46 yrs
6R Strout Sarah S Wife of Alexander Strout died August 11, 1844 age 21 yrs
6R Strout Nathaniel D Son of Alexander Strout and Sarah Strout died September 10, 184?
6R Strout Mary E Daughter of Alexander Strout and Sarah Strout died April 20, 1845
6R Strout Quincy A Son of Alexander Strout and Sarah Strout died April 21, 1847 age 16 yrs 3 months
6R Strout Alva D Son of Alexander Strout and Sarah Strout died September 12, 1856 age 20 yrs 9 months
6R Strout Quincy A "Father" age 12, 1848 September 8, 1902 "Shall rest in Heaven"
6R Knight Ida E "Mother" Wife of Quincy Strout June 19, 1860 - May 28, 1904
7R Davis Martha Wife of Jonas Davis died January 30, 1849 age 25 yrs
8L Edwards Juliet B "Sister" daughter of William & Sarah A. Edwards 17 yrs 13 days died September 14, 1870
9R Randal Clinton D July 27, 1943 - May 9, 1992
9R Randall Diane G Wife died June 18, 1946 married January 11, 1964
9L Curry Thomas W Wt 2 US Coast Guard World War II 1921-1989
9L Hodgdon Silas Died September 16, 1851 59 yrs 12 days

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