Tassel Top
"A State-Owned Municipal Park"


The Land of Maine's Future Board, with funding from a 35 million dollar bond issue, purchased 35 acres on Sebago Lake in Raymond in 1991. The Town of Raymond, by a vote of a Town Meeting, agreed to develop, manage and maintain the property as a state-owned municipal park. A Selectmen-appointed committee developed a management plan and designed a layout with construction funds ($62,000) from the Land for Maine's Future Board and a grant ($50,000) from the Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund in time for the park to open in July of 1992 for its first abbreviated season. With $5,000 of Town start up money and income from seasonal and daily passes, the park operated seven days a week through Labor Day of 1992. In spite of dismal weather, Tassel Top managed to break even during this first season.


The 1993 summer was the first full season of operation. With a $20,000 loan authorized at a special town meeting, major capital improvements were made to the property including a well, improved water system, snack bar, plumbing, grills, paths, gates and signs. Regular income from admissions and cabin rental allowed Tassel Top to end the 1993 season in the black with enough reserve to begin the 1994 season without additional Town appropriation.