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Raymond-Casco Historical Society Bylaws

Article I. Name of the Organization

The name of this organization shall be the Raymond-Casco Historical Society, Inc., hereinafter referred to as ‘The Society.’

Article II. Purpose of the Society

A. The purpose of the Society shall be to collect, preserve and interpret materials which document the history of Raymond & Casco.

B. The Society shall be non-partisan, non-profit and non-sectarian. While in existence or in the event the Society ceases to function, the legal historical property of the Society will not become the property of any individual. Upon the dissolution of the organization, all assets shall be held jointly by the towns of Raymond and Casco, until such a time a new historical society is formed and approved by the communities and all assets then given back to the historical society.

Article III. Membership and Dues

A. Membership in the Society shall be open to all persons interested in the purposes of the Society, subject to payment of dues and acceptance of the provisions of these Bylaws.

B. Dues are paid from Jan. to Dec. annually and $5.00 of each membership dues will be invested in our society’s Endowment Fund.

C. Types of Membership and Dues for each:

1. Charter Member – Any person joining the Society, in any of the following categories, prior to the Annual Meeting in September 1971.

2. Regular Member – Any person, on payment of Annual Dues of $15.00 or any family, on payment of Annual Dues of $20.00, payable as of the date of the Annual Meeting. Dues in arrears of ½ year will terminate mailings and voting privileges.

3. Student Member – Any student in school, at any academic level, on payment of Annual Dues of $1.00. Otherwise the same as a Regular Membership.

4. Honorary Membership – Any person recommended to the Society and approved for that title by the executive committee Meeting. Honorary Members will not pay dues, unless they wish to also maintain another form of membership.

Article IV. Officers and Duties of Officers

A. The Officers of the Society will be:

   1. President

   2. Vice President

   3. Recording Secretary

   4. Corresponding Secretary
   5. Treasurer
   6. Historian
   7. Custodian
   8. Auditor


B. The Duties of the Officers are as follows:

1. President – The president shall preside at all meetings of the Society and meetings of its Executive Committee.

2. Vice President – The Vice President shall assist the president and perform the duties of the president in his/her absence.

3. Recording Secretary – will keep minutes of regular meetings, special meeting and meetings of the Executive Committee. He/she will read Secretary’s Reports, of any meeting, at any meeting at the request of the president.

C. Officers of the Society will be elected annually by the membership at the Annual Meeting.

D. The Society will attempt to maintain an equitable balance of officers between residents of the towns of Raymond and Casco.

E. The Executive Committee will be composed of all officers, with the exception of the Auditor, and two members-at-large. The members-at-large will be elected at the Annual Meeting.

F. Committees, such as Program, Ways and Means, Publicity, Refreshment, etc., will be appointed by the President, with the advice of the Executive Committee, as deemed necessary.

Article V. Meetings

A. Regular meetings of the Society will be held on the second Monday of each month. The December meeting may be omitted due to the pressures of the holiday season.

B. Regular meetings will be held at the Society’s museum conference room. Special meetings will be held at any appropriate location.

C. Special or Executive Committee meetings may be called by the President, providing the local membership is notified by mail, phone, e-mail and/or fax and the place, time & purpose of the meeting is stated.

D. The Annual Meeting will be held in July of each year.

E. A quorum for a Regular or Special Meeting will be 6 members. A quorum for an Executive Committee Meeting will be 4 members.

Article VI. Endowment

The Executive Board of the Raymond-Casco Historical Society serves as the Board of the Endowment and oversees the operation of the fund with a long term objective of preserving and enhancing the real value of our assets over time in order to provide a sufficient rate of return for maximizing the charitable purposes of the Endowment, and are responsible for setting investment policy and strategy, the hiring of professional managers of the funds, and monitoring investment performance against industry benchmarks.  The original plan is to pay out 5% of investment income each year, leaving the balance of income to build the endowment, assuring permanent support of the Historical Society’s needs.

Article VII. Amendments

These bylaws may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the members present at a Regular Meeting. Proposed amendments will be submitted in writing at the next regular meeting and the proposed amendment read to the membership at that time.

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