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Adams, Isaac
Adams, Isaac Jr.
Allen, William D.
Allen, Joseph

Barton, John
Bartlett, Stephen
Berry, Jeremiah
Brown, John
Brown, Simon
Brown, Davis
Brown, Ephraim
Brown, Samuel
Brown, William
Brown, Sewall
Brown, S.S.
Brown, Jordan
Brown, Jordan Jr.
Brown, Benjamin
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Mark
Bryant, William
Bryant, Lewis H.
Buckley, George W.

Cash, Samuel
Chase, William
Chase, Alfred
Chase, Elliott
Chase, Emerson
Chipman, Daniel
Chipman, Lyman
Churchill, Matthew
Churchill, Silas H.
Churchill, James N.D.

Davis, Josiah
Davis, Samuel
Davis, Benjamin
Davis, Thomas
Davis, Jonas
Dingley, William
Dillingham, Melzer T.
Duran, Samuel
Duran, Samuel Jr.
Duran, George S.
Duran, John C.
Dyke, John W.
Dyer, John
Dyer, Calvin

Edwards, Stephen
Elkins, Samuel
Elkins, Hezekiah

Files, Jonathan
Files, Samuel
Files, Edward
Files, Allen H.
Files, Joseph
Fogg, James
Fogg, Stephen
Foster, James H.

Gammon, Nathaniel
Gay, William
Gerry, Elbridge

Hardy, Samuel
Hayden, Jeremiah
Hayden, Mahlon D.
Hayden, Ebenezer
Hayden, Elias W.
Hamblin, Mark R.
Hamblin, Elijah
Hamblin, Stephen

Jordan, John
Jordan, John Jr.
Jordan, John 3rd
Jordan, Henry
Jordan, Henry Jr.
Jordan, Henry 3rd
Jordan, Samuel
Jordan, Cyrus
Jordan, Anson
Jordan, Washington
Jordan, Ebenezer S.
Jordan, Benjamin
Jordan, Levi
Jordan, James
Jordan, Lemuel
Jordan, Edward
Jordan, Thomas
Jordan, Albinus
Jordan, Daniel
Jordan, Lemuel Jr.
Jordan, William

Lane, Wentworth R.
Latham, Charles
Latham, George W.
Latham, Bela
Latham, Arthur
Leach, James
Leach, James M.
Leach, Henry
Leach, Zachariah
Libbey, Joel
Libbey, Levi
Libbey, Andrew
Libbey, Henry
Longley, George W.
Lombard, John

Mason, Roger
May, John
Meserve, George
Meserve, James
Mitchell, Asa
McLellan, William
Morrell, William
Morrell, William Jr.
Morrell, Thomas

Nason, William
Nash, Elijah
Nash, Elijah Jr.
Nash, John
Nash, Daniel
Nash, Simeon S.

Phinney, Clement,
Phinney, Stephen
Plummer, Moses
Plummer, Gibeon
Plummer, Samuel
Plummer, William
Plummer, William Jr.
Plummer Hugh M.
Plummer Jesse Jr.
Plummer, Jesse 3rd
Plummer, David
Plummer, Alonzo
Plummer, Ai [sic]
Plummer, Jordan
Plummer, George W.

Ricker, Noah
Rolf, William
Robinson, John
Rolfe, William Jr.
Rolfe, Henry
Rolf, John

Sawyer, John
Sawyer, Joseph T.
Small, Levi
Small, Levi Jr.
Small, Francis
Small, Francis Jr.
Small, Francis 3rd
Small, John
Small, John Jr.
Small, Simeon
Small, Simeon Jr.
Small, Alonzo
Small, Charles B.
Small, Daniel
Small, George
Small, Benjamin D.
Smith, Rufus
Smith, Barnard
Simonds, Francis
Simonds, Samuel J.
Simonds, John
Symonds, Henry A.
Shurtleff, Isaac
Spiller, John
Spiller, Amos
Spiller, Benjamin
Spiller, Richard M.
Spiller, Henry
Staples, Joseph D.
Staples, Nathan
Staples, Joseph
Strout, Joseph
Strout, John Jr.
Strout, Prince
Strout, Prince Jr.
Strout, Charles
Strout, David
Strout, Benjamin
Strout, Elias
Strout, Collins
Strout, Alonzo
Strout, Ebenezer
Strout, Lorenzo D.
Strout, George
Strout, James
Staples, John
Strout, John E.
Sylvester, Zadoc
Symonds, Orsamus

Tenney, Henry
Tenney, Henry Jr.
Tenney, David
Tenney, Cyrus L.
Tenney, Reuben
Tenney, Zachariah
Tompson, Joshua M.
Tripp, John
Tripp, Jeremiah
Thurlow, Solomon
Thurlow, Hiram
Thurlow, William
Thurlow, Stephen
Thurlow, Moses
Thurlow, Peter
Tukey, Richard
Tukey, Joseph

Verrell, Nathaniel
Verrell, Burbank

Webb, Josiah
Wescott, Joseph
Welch, William
Welch, John
Welch, John Jr.
Welch, Thomas
Welch, Sewall
Witham, Thomas
Witham, Samuel
Witham, John
Witham, Ebenezer
Wilson, Cephus
Whitney, Isaac
Whitney, Mark F.
Whitney, Zack L.

Raymond August 3rd 1846.
[Signed] Z.L. Whitney, S.S. Brown & W.R. Lane, Selectmen of Raymond.


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