Starting in 1995 with a group of greater than 25 people and still in 2019 with 13 members, Raymond Lions manage to accomplish many things such as

- Support the Raymond Library in multiple ways such as painting buildings, donated a picnic table and help with parking for the bi-annual Raymond Garden Tour

- Many volunteer hours at the Raymond Food Pantry 

Supported the Raymond Elementary School reading challenge in 2018

- Provided funds in 2018 to enable  some 5th & 6th grade brass students  at Jordan Small Middle School to have monthly group classes



We are also very proud to be able to self-fund two scholarships a year for traditional and non-traditional students.  We collect bottles in two locations to fund Scholarships and other community events.


There is no limit to need; there is also no limit to what is possible when people work together for the common good.


We Serve.