Roadside Mailbox Guidelines

Our plow drivers are instructed to take all necessary precautions to avoid striking mailboxes with the wing of their plow truck. Please remember, State law provides that any installations within the Town's Right-Of-Way including mailboxes, shrubbery, fences and other property enhancements are placed there at the owner's risk. Municipalities are not responsible for any damages caused during snow removal operations. In most cases, mailboxes are damaged by the weight of the snow and not from direct contact from plow equipment.

The Town of Raymond will evaluate damages to a mailbox on a case-by-case basis. However, damaged mailboxes will only be replaced when it is determined to be caused by direct contact with plow equipment and not caused by incidental conditions such as heavy snow. The Town will replace damaged structures with a typical 4 X 4 pressure treated post and standard metal USPS box.

Residential property owners are advised to place these structures at the maximum usable distance beyond the paved area of the roadway. Below are some tips for mailbox placement to help reduce the chances of damage during winter plowing:



Place reflective material on the side of the box visible to approaching traffic.  Also, 4"high letters to identify the address is recommended to assist emergency vehicles.

Mailbox post size must not exceed 4" by 4" for a wooden post or 2" diameter for a steel pipe post for roadside barrier safety. Posts that are more substantial in construction are considered  deadly fixed objects - and are not permitted within the Right-Of-Way.

Mailboxes should be installed at least 42 inches high to provide clearance for the plow wing as shown in the picture above. We recommend the use of an extended arm type of post with a free-swinging suspended mailbox, again, as shown in the picture above. This allows snow plows to sweep near or under boxes without damage to supports and provides easy access to the boxes by your postal carrier.

Below you will find a sketch showing the recommended location for your mailbox. Placing the mailbox on the side of your driveway away from approaching traffic will allow our driver to properly clear the roadway and to get as close as possible to your mailbox to minimize the amount of shoveling you will have to do to clear the mailbox for the postal carrier.



For un-curbed roadways, set the mailbox back at the far edge of the road shoulder to provide the maximum possible roadway clearance. For curbed roads, the face of the mailbox should be 8-12 inches back from the curb face.

Your participation and cooperation in complying with the above recommendations will be greatly appreciated by your rural carrier, postal service and the Raymond Public Works & Public Safety Departments.

In the event your mailbox is damaged during a storm, we ask you to make any needed temporary repairs or arrangements to pick up your mail at the Post Office. If you are a senior citizen or are otherwise unable to make such repairs on your own, please call the Public Works Department at 653-3641 and we will attempt to repair or replace the mailbox as time allows. Only substantially damaged structures resulting from direct contact with plow equipment will be replaced in the spring with a basic metal mailbox and 4 X 4 post. Newspaper boxes or other attachments not above the recommended 42 inch height will not be repaired or reset by the Town.