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Table of Contents

  • Notice of Election
  • 2018 Annual Report
  • Full Time Paramedic
  • Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Law Books
  • Information on Local Broadband Efforts

Notice of Election


Notice of Gubernatorial & Referendum Elections

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Voting Place Name Jordan Small Middle School 

Voting Place Location  423 Webbs Mills Rd

Polls Open at 7 A.M. and Polls Close at 8:00 P.M.


Absentee Ballot Processing:
Day Before
Election Day (11/5/2018) - 10am

During Election Day (11/6/2018) - 10am, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm


State Offices To Be Voted On:

US Senator                                             Governor

Rep. to Congress (District 1)                State Senator (District 26)

Rep. to Legislature (Districts 66 & 67)           


County Offices To Be Voted On:

Judge of Probate                                    Sheriff

District Attorney                                      County Commissioner


Questions To Be Voted On:

Question 1:  Citizen Initiative – Establish Universal Home Care for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

Question 2:  Bond Issue – Fund Wastewater Infrastructure Projects

Question 3:  Bond Issue – Improve Multimodal Facilities, Highways and Bridges and Municipal Culverts

Question 4:  Bond Issue – Modernize and Improve Maine’s Public Universities

Question 5:  Bond Issue – Upgrade Facilities at Maine’s Community Colleges





2018 Annual Report


The 2018 Annual Report is ready!  It summarizes the activities of the Town of Raymond for the Fiscal Year 2017-2018.


Full Time Paramedic

Full Time Paramedic / Firefighter

Raymond Fire & Rescue


Raymond Fire & Rescue Department is seeking a Full Time Paramedic/ Firefighter. 

Minimum qualifications include: Maine licensed paramedic preferred Firefighter Cert. The successful candidate must have a clean Maine driver’s license, pass a criminal records and background check as well as a department physical conditioning and agility test. 

The job consists of a 24 hour rotational shift. 

Application and resume with cover letter will be accepted until the position is filled at 401 Webbs Mills Road Raymond, Maine, 04071.


Applications are available HERE, or by picking one up at 1443 Roosevelt Trail Raymond Maine 04071.


The Town of Raymond is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


For more information, please contact, Chief Bruce D Tupper via email


Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Law Books


The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has changed to digital law books rather than printed versions. 


"In 2016, we printed over 700,000 law books.  That's a lot of paper and a lot of resources diverted from Maine's fish and wildlife."


The digital law books are downloadable and searchable.  The link to them is in the menu list on the right side of this page.  They are formated to use either on a smart phone, tablet, or computer. 


There will be a few printed copies for those who do not own a smart phone or computer.


Flyer from IF&W

Law Books


Information on Local Broadband Efforts


The Town of Raymond has been working with Standish, Windham, and Gray to explore the possibility of bringing broadband internet service to this region.


Information relating to these efforts:


If you have any feedback or questions please contact:

  • Don Willard, Raymond Town Manager via email or 207-655-4742 x131
  • Thomas Bartell, Windham Economie Development Executive Director via email or 207-892-1936